Rescue All The Survivors?


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There’s a mobile AR zombie shooter game that’ll give you an all-new fear of hospitals when you play it, and it is called "Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital". You will play as a journalist and you will be kidnapped by a mysterious masked man and trapped you in this creepy hospital.

There are 8 survivors in the game. You can unlock them by going through the game or by buying survivor boxes in the store. These survivors are the Nurse, Agent, Professor, Casino-Dealer, Soldier, Engineer, Police, and Cheerleader. How they ended up in this hospital, only the mysterious masked man who captured you all would know.


Here are the 8 Survivors:

*Nurse: +HP
*Agent: +Reload Speed
*Professor: +Fire Rate
*Casino-dealer: +Item Drop
*Soldier:+HP +Damage
*Engineer: +Magazine +Reload Speed
*Police: +Reload Speed +Fire Rate
*Cheerleader:+Damage +Reload Speed +Fire Rate

My all-time favorite from this line up was the "SPECIAL AGENT" Cause of its benefits that can upgrade my player stats and I like super very fast reloading speed.


Keep in mind this game has ‘extreme horror’ that might not be for the weak of heart.
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