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Matagal ko na po ginagamit ito kaya sure na working...
naka-attach po sa ibaba... at may Feedback na po ako na
working din ito sa Windows 7...

eto po yung instructions:

1.“Bootable Disk Creator” screen will be displayed

2.Select the removable drive to format from the ‘Removable’ drop down list. You can either select a Floppy Disk Drive or USB drive from the drop down list.
3.To add support for USB or CD-ROM drives, select the appropriate checkboxes under ‘Additional Drivers’ (shown below).

4.Ensure that a floppy disk or USB drive is inserted in the selected Removable drive.
5.Click the [START] button. The disk creation process will start. The screen (shown below) will be displayed with a progress bar. To interrupt or to discontinue disk creation click the [STOP] button.

6.The following screen is displayed upon successful completion of disk creation. The bootable disk contains the Active@ Password Changer installation files and USB/CD-ROM support files if selected.

7.Click the [CLOSE] button to complete the disk creation process.

-Program start-

Boot from the floppy, USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM.
• Active Password Changer program starts automatically.
o If not run Active@ Password Changer by typing this command, along with [Enter]:

• Press the [1], [2] or [3] key for the action you want to perform.
• Press [Esc] to exit the program.

Logical Drive Selection
- If you chose the first option on the Options screen you may select a particular volume to scan for a SAM database.

- Press the [0]…[9] key to select a particular volume to be scanned, or the [A] key to

scan all volumes
- Press [Enter] to perform the default action (scan all volumes).

SAM Selection
- If only one SAM database is detected, press [ENTER] to get users information:
- If several SAM databases are detected you will be asked to choose the one you want

to view or edit:

- Press the [0] … [9] key for a particular SAM database based on the appropriate database location and volume information.

User Selection
- After the SAM database is scanned, a list of defined local users will be displayed:
- Press the [0] … [9] key to display information for a specific user
- Press [PgUp] or [PgDown] to scroll the list of users.
Please note:
- The primary (built-in) Administrator is displayed in Cyan,
- Other users who have Administrator privileges are displayed in Green; or, Dark Green if their account has been disabled
- Users who don't have Administrator privileges are displayed in White; or, Grey if their account has been disabled

Password Reset and changing account parameters
- After you select a specific user account you can see the account information:
- Active@ Password Changer shows the account's current settings in one column and the recommended settings in another;
- If you want to accept the recommended settings, and clear the password, just press [Y] to do that.
- You can also choose to change the new settings to something other than the recommended default values. To do this, use the Up and Down arrows keys to select a setting to be changed, and press the [Space] bar to enable or disable it.
- To view and change permitted logon days and hours press the [PgDn] key:

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Good luck po sa inyo!!!

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