Rooting your Mi Max Guide

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    1a.) be sure your bootloader is unlocked already - please unlock po muna before anything else
    New units comes with a locked bootloader. Visit this link to unlock. (if chinese, may way po sa page na yan para maging english, ugaliing maging mausisa

    Since it would take time for your phone to be unlocked. Kindly download the necessary files in advance while waiting for your confirmation

    1b.) you will need a usb otg or microsd card (at least 2gb or for as long as the files needed you may need to download fits everything in there

    2a.) download and install adb and fastboot on your windows 7 or up pc :) (win10 not tested on my end yet)

    2b.) download development roms and put the file below to your otg or microsd card
    Miui v7 (max and maxpro) - kunat sa battery at hayop sa performance itong rom na ito

    Miui v8 & v8.1 (all variants)

    3.) download twrp for mi max and put it in c:\adb
    then rename it to recovery.img

    (note if you don't see the extension of .img on the end of the file means your windows hides the extension of known file types so just rename it to recovery

    TWRP sites: Links checked every now and then...
    - (64/128gb)
    - (16/32gb)

    4.)PC or Laptop - go to explorer and open c:\adb
    on this folder hold ctrl + shift then right click on your mouse and click "open command window here"
    and a command prompt will pop

    4a.) enable "developer options" by tapping 7 times on build number in the "About Phone" menu.
    4b.) enable "USB Debugging" and "OEM Unlock" from the "developer options" menu.

    5.)turn off your phone and hold volume down and power until it you see the fastboot logo release the buttons connect your phone to the pc

    6.)return to the command prompt and type:
    fastboot devices

    you will see your device connected then type:
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    then you will see the recovery is flashed after flashing the recovery type this to delete encryption but it will delete all your files so be sure you have backed up all your files

    fastboot format userdata

    TAKE NOTE: this will delete all data from the phone

    next is to turn off your phone and hold volume up and power button until a picture is seen on your screen then release wait for twrp to load then install and flash

    the downloaded rom on your otg or microsd card

    then reboot
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    1. Unlock mo bootloader mo.
    2. Install ka ng Twrp.
    3. Download mo eu rom from this site.
    Search mo lng yung rom n para sa phone mo.
    -Android- Generic Device/Other by | |…
    4. Pag na download mo na yung rom, move mo yung file sa root folder ng mi max mo.
    5. Reboot mo phone to recovery mode.
    6. Select mo wipe data.
    7. Tap mo install then locate mo yung rom na dinownload mo.
    8. Swipe to install.