ROX Celebrates Chinese New Year with the War of The Chosen + Spring Festival Events!


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Over the past few weeks, countless legendary warriors have stepped forward to take part in the War of The Chosen, where players from across numerous ROX servers clash in fierce PvP battles for the right to be named the best team of adventurers in all of Midgard. We are excited to announce that at long last, the strongest teams are about to be named, and the battle to claim the final prize can begin for the first time in ROX history!

Fight for Ultimate Glory in the War of The Chosen!

Beginning in mid-January, players who acquired the [Party Creation Voucher] from the prior War Preparation event formed their own eight-person team to compete in the War of The Chosen. Players in each server were then asked to cast votes for their favorite teams, with the Top eight most popular teams advancing to the Qualifying Phase, where they must fight in a five-man PvP battle against each other. The winning team from each server was then allowed to move on to the Elimination Phase, where they were divided into eight groups, and must once again emerge as the top team in each of their groups to advance to the finals. Other players were given a chance to predict which team would win during the Qualifying Phase and will have a similar chance for the upcoming Elimination Phase matches.

The event was received warmly by the ROX community. As the Elimination Phase is soon coming to an end, players from all over SEA will rally behind the representatives of their respective servers as they head into the Semi-Finals - and the Finals shortly after - more than ever before. Pay attention to the official ROX Community channels for how you can watch the Finals live!


Legendary Rewards Await the Ultimate Victors!

Chinese New Year Event - The Tiger Welcomes Spring, and watch out for the Nian!


From January 27th until February 9th, MVP Nian and Baby Nian will be attacking the forest of Payon, the thought of which annoys the Tiger King so much, that the Tiger King is calling for help!

During the event, the Tiger King will appear as an NPC in Payon and bring players 14 New Year commissions. Players need to visit the Commissions Board to accept the special quests, which includes repelling MVP Nian and its troublesome babies. It's up to the players to round up the baby Nian, take down the MVP, and protect the city from destruction!


MVP Nian

Every three hours, Boss Nian will appear in Payon surrounded by a large group of Baby Nian. Players can use firecrackers or Eddga's Knuckle to defeat MVP Nian. Of course, it wouldn't be Chinese New Year without some serious loot! Those who manage to defeat the MVP Nian, Baby Nian or Mini-bosses will receive “Forest Partner Badge” currency, which can be exchanged for a bunch of event-exclusive rewards*, such as back ornaments and Proof of Guardianship. There will also be a chance to win other prizes by visiting the Tiger NPC daily to enjoy the special Hat Guessing Game as welll as defeating the Nian and its babies. This includes the Nian card, a cool Tiger Tail decoration and the exclusive “Treasure Tiger”, a +6 speed mount that is usable in battle. *Certain rewards can only be redeemed a limited number of times.


The adorable “Treasure Tiger”, an Exclusive Mount available from this event!

With Chinese New Year just on the horizon, we would like to wish all our adventurers a safe and prosperous year to come! If you haven't already, come be a part of the ROX community to join in on all the festivities, and don't forget to look out for the upcoming KVM Finals match!


Payon’s New Year Celebrations!

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