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How to make your pc a vpn server, ill provide a basic guide and requirements on how this can be achieved if meron kyo di magets post comment below para matulungan ko kayo.


- Internet Connection
- Working VPN Software and account
- Ethernet Cable or USB for dongle type
- Wifi Card for tethering

PC Setup share internet guide:
Connect to VPN - Meron ka dapat vpn software at account na working
Open Network and Sharing Center
View your active networks
Click network your vpn is running - madalas nasa un identified network
Select properties
Click sharing tab
Check Allow other network users to connected to this computer internet

Windows PC create wifi guide
Open Network and Sharing Center
Go to change your network sharing
Click set up new connection or network
Choose Adhoc (Windows 10 Below) or Mannually connect to a wireless network
Enter Details
Uncheck "Start this connection automatically" (important)
Next then Close

Windows Connect Wifi
Open CMD
Type "netsh wlan set profileparameter <ssid> connectiontype=ibss" (Windows 10 Below) or
netsh wlan set profileparameter <ssid> connectiontype=ibss connectionmode=manual
To connect type netsh wlan connect <ssid>
To disconnect netsh wlan connect <ssid>


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Awesome guide,
I am very sure this guide will help many VPN users.
But nowaday tons of VPN service is available in a market and many of them, slow down the speed of internet, and this guide is not much help for them how are using unreliable VPN, so my recommendation is you have to use best VPN for the Philippines.

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