Services Agreement - Basic Services Contract for Freelancers

DISCLAIMER: If you are hesitating, you feel wrong, or you are into much bigger project, this services agreement is not suitable for you. Refer to a lawyer for a legal advice.

In connection sa pricing formula ko, of course you need a contract or a conforme, to have a legal ties both parties. Security nyo din to both side. According to my lawyer, the right term to use whenever freelancing ka, and to consider you're not paying for taxes for that, is "Services Agreement" or "Job Order Agreement". This is because you are paid only for your service. You are NOT PAID for YOUR PRODUCT. Well, abogago lang ako eh, di na ako makikipag argue sa abogado.

Ano nga ba ang laman ng Services Agreement?
1. You and Your Client - syempre. tanga ka ba? State mo yung LEGAL na pangalan both sides. Hindi yung nickname mo. Hindi yung codename mo sa ROS (noobs nag ro-ROS). At syempre, your address.

2. Scope and Limitation - Oo. Tangina diba? Akala mo di mo magagamit yung nalalaman mo sa System Analysis and Design? Say no more! What you are going to include is the SCOPE AND LIMITATION "OF THE PROJECT". Hindi lang yung system mo yung kabuohan na gagawin mo sa PROJECT. BUONG PROJECT.

Note. Hindi mo kelangang ilagay ang chechebureche mong extra features. Ang ilalagay mo dito yung modules/sub-systems with the corresponding description.

And of course, sa Limitation, ito yung clarification na hindi kasali sa scope mo.

3. The Project Total Cost, and the Terms of Payment - yep. you include lahat dito. Kung pano yung proseso ng payments, the cost of each payment schedules, and of course, the total cost.

TIP: In most scenarios, your services start right after your client's down payment.

4. The Days of Service - Ito yung mga araw ng from start to finish ng development mo. NEVER EVER PUT AN EXACT DATE. Maiipit ka niyan. Much better you state the days. REMEMBER. Be careful and specific on terms. "30 days" is not equivalent to "30 Working Days". You choose one kung san ka di maiipit.

5. The Support Agreement / Basic Warranty - Every developed system has a standard 1-year support. Kaya you include this in the agreement. Remember, you must specify whatever support you cover, and of course, what voids the support or warranty(if ever meron)

- Be very careful sa terms. Proof read, let someone read.
- Wag mo na pahirapan sarili mo. Wag ka sa project na maiipit ka.


--------------- SERVICES AGREEMENT SAMPLE ---------------

This agreement is made by and between:
JUAN LUNA, Filipino, of legal age, currently basing in Zamboanga City, Philippines, referred to as the “Client”
CONG TIBSHRANI, Filipino, of legal age, currently residing at Brgy. Hampaslupa, Pogi City, Ninong Provice, 6969, referred to as the “Programmer”

1. Both parties have agreed an amount of PHP 30,000.00 (Thirty thousand pesos only) of the total project cost of, a website, with the following project scope and limitation:
Project Scope:
a. Content Management System – A website functionality that enables the Website Administrator, Update and Delete any content in the website.
b. User Management – A website functionality that enables the Web Administrator to Update, Delete, and Approve Users, User Requests.
c. 3rd Party Interaction – A website functionality that enables the 3rd party user to interact with FindYourBabyGirl.PH System, such as selecting of baby girls, rating them with the exact preference.
d. Website Design – Overall Website Design
e. Security and Optimization – Basic Website Security Measures, and Optimization
a. Web Server and Domain fees are not covered in this project.
Any other specification, features and inclusions, not stated above is not covered by this agreement.
2. The Client is required to pay PHP 10,000.00 (Ten thousand pesos only) referred to as the down payment.
3. The Programmer shall deliver project within 30 days after the down payment.
4. The Project is subject for approval by the Client. Once approved, the Client is required to pay the remaining balance of PHP 20,000.00 (Twenty thousand pesos only) in order to proceed to Deployment.
5. The Programmer is responsible for One Year support, right after Deployment. The support only covers the following:
a. Bug Fixing – Any System-related Errors
b. Usage support – Step-by-step tutorial on how to use the overall system
Within the support period, the Programmer is authorized to access the backend of the website, update scripts and/or reprogram the existing modules in order to fix whatever issue and/or error may exist within the operation of the said project.
The Client shall be informed for any changes, fixes, and/or data alteration done by the Programmer.
Inclusion of another feature, and/or modules is not covered by the support.


[Inser Signatures]

------------------------------- END OF SAMPLE ---------------------------
See attached pic for formatting

Pwedeng pwede mong HINDI sundin ang format na to. Problema mo na yon. This thread's purpose is to give idea lamang sa mga Freelancers, studyante, tambay.


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