Share PC's DSL Connection With Android Phone


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Rooting Your Device may void your Phone's Warranty...

Proceed at your own Responsibility, I am not Responsible for any Harm to your Device...

first of all, You have to be ROOTED to use this and at least Your phone is on Android Jellybean,

Now download this Software in your PC named Android Reverse Tethering,,, then Open it,, Remember You have to install all drivers first for your Phone that am not providing you,,,, Use Google for it,,, after

downloading this Software, unzip it in new folder and open it,,, On your phone, Turn on USB Debugging and then open android tools.exe Now a windows appear after some seconds, click on refresh button and your device will appear, if not, install all drivers correctly, then click connect and all should go well,,, if not do it again and again,, once you're connected then next it will connect first time after clicking connect,
Now you can use internet on your phone :D

< br >If u want to use play store, on android tools, click tools>install Hack then reboot device and open hack connectivity app,,, click on hack WiFi and then u can use play store as normal,,, i repeat it take some time to setup,,,

Link for software is
(2). Mirror

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