Sharing my PLDT DSL termination experience


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After a long time i decided to disconnect my PLDT dsl connection i was a happy customer running at 10 mbps then shit started to happen.

It all began when i asked them to disconnect my account i talk to customer service which was all going smoothly, the cs told me all are ok and will disconnect my account so i requested a transaction no. of our conversation which she said will happily send to my email.

After the conversation there was no email transaction no. of the confirmation so i just assumed it was all said and done. Several months have passed i didn't even get a paper bill for the first 2 months so which i assume everything was good but on 3rd month a bill was send to me around 15k pesos since the plan was 4999 php a month.

Again i contacted pldt support for the matter which they say they will resolve the issue, again there was no confirmation email and my bill just keeps getting higher. I sent all the required id and forms and guess what no confirmation.

So to this point of time i have no idea if my account got terminated or not i just go sick and tired. So lesson is ask for confirmation no. of the transaction on the call itself.

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