Steps to Replace KingUser with SuperSU

Michaela Baldos

Pinoy Techie
The zip file needed is uploaded to files, terminal emulator can be downloaded for free from the playstore. This method is tried and tested to be working perfectly on b007 firmware

Step 1: Extract the Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU ZIP File & Transfer the extracted version to Internal storage of device.Install the Terminal app for Android and extract the Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU file and after extracting the Replace_Kinguser_with_supersu file transfer the “Extracted Folder – MRW” to outermost directory in the internal storage.Step 2: Open Terminal Android App & Write the Following commands in the Android Terminal.Open the terminal android app type the command “SU” in the terminal, after writing the SU in terminal, you will be prompted with the message box asking you to deny/grant the functions. Granting permission will help you remove the kinguser on your smartphone.


After granting permissions you will have to type one single line of code, The other command will be:

sh /sdcard/mrw/

After writing the above command, it might show some error, but ignore that error, it will automatically launch SuperSU, in case it doesn’t manually open SuperSU.Once done, Restart your smartphone and you will see that SuperSU works flawlessly on your Smartphone. That’s all, you’ve successfully replaced KingRoot’s KingUser with Chainfire’s SuperSU.

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