Tips on buying a brand new macbook from an online seller


Tips on buying a brand new MacBook from an online seller in Manila, Philippines (based on experience).

1. Research the seller (vouch,, Facebook, Google, etc.). Check for feedback. Ask this group too.
2. When you finally decided to meet up, find a comfortable place like a coffee shop (Starbucks, coffee bean, etc. I mean, if you can afford a MacBook, I'm pretty sure you can afford coffee from Starbucks or any coffee shop). Why coffee shop? - so that you can check everything that needs to be checked.
3. Make sure that your smartphone has data, why, you ask? So that you can check the serial of the MacBook you're purchasing.
4. Once you've settled down with the seller in the coffee shop. Check the box, make sure it's sealed. Do not open or rip off the plastic seal, instead, look at the serial at the bottom. Enter the serial number on this website

You will see here if the unit is already registered, if it's brand new, it should not be registered yet, the owner/buyer should register this himself.

5. Once you've confirmed that it's brand new (unregistered), you can now open it and activate the unit. Check the serial again by clicking the apple logo>About This Mac and cross-check it again on the website above just to be sure. Also, check if the serial on the bottom of the box if it's the same in "About this Mac".

I strongly suggest not to install anything on your MacBook that is not under your Apple ID, meaning, do not install anything, unless you're using your own Apple ID, why? - You will have trouble updating it when there's a bug on the application.

These are just tips based on my experience. You may or may not follow these tips.

If you have additional tips on how to check, let me know or comment it in.

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