TM Promo ALLNET20 Unlimited Calls to Other Network


This is the most cost-effective and most recent promotion of TM PROMO. Because of the 20 pesos there is an unlimited call on different networks. This is the first promo with TM with unlimited calls to another network. You can call your friends, your family or your loved ones even they use other network like SMART,TNT AND SUN.You will not be able to interrupt another network because of TM ALLNET20 with unlimited calls on the whole network.This promotion is even more worthwhile because there are unlimited texts to TM / Globe, 50 all-net texts and 50 MB Facebook Photos.

ALLNET20 Description
  • Unlimited Call to All Network
  • Unlimited Text to GLOBE/TM
  • 50 Text to Other Network
  • 50 MB for Facebook
  • Promo Valid for 2 days

How to Register
Just Text AN20 to 8080.

How to Stop
Text AN20 STOP to 8080.

To Inquire about the promo
Text AN20 INFO to 8080.

Note: As of now this promotion can not be extended.

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