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Pinoy Techie
Group Repo -

BigBoss – http://apt.thebigboss .org/repofiles/cydia

A default repo included with the Cydia package and the largest of them all

ModMyi – http://apt.modmyi .com/

Another default repo

Intelliborn – http://intelliborn .com/cydia
Home of popular tweaks IntelliscreenX, MyWi, My3G and IntelliID. Updated regularly with new tweaks.

Insanelyi – http://repo.insanelyi .com
One of the most popular choices of repo with over 7000 different themes, tweaks and apps to choose from.

BiteYourApple – http://repo.biteyourapple .net
Highly popular choice, full of ringtones, mods and other tweaks that have no real use but are fun and look good.

iSpazio – http://repo.ispazio .net
Used to be full of pirates apps but is now a clean place to visit for a wide choice of mods, ringtones and other tweaks.

ThemeItApp – http://www.themeitapp .com/repo/
Home of the highly successful ThemeIt, which allows modifications to be made to the look of the device. Only 3 default packages but all worth a look. –
Here is where you will find tweaks such as Chrome and BrowserChooser. Regularly updated and new tweaks are being added all the time.

HackYouriPhone –
Although this contains a lot of pirated apps and tweaks you can get some real ones as well.
SinfuliPhoneRepo –

Home to the popular AppSync, and many other mods and tweaks. It does contain cracked apps and you can also find a few odd ones here as well.

Xsellize –
More cracked apps but also contains a lot of ROM packages for those at use emulators.
iHacks -

Yet more cracked apps alongside genuine tweaks, including some that are add-ons to existing apps to give them more function.

iCause FX –
Home to many tweaks and mods for customizing and modifying your device.

iHackstore –
Contains a wide range of all of the most popular tweaks, apps ads mods available on Cydia

iF0rce –
Doesn’t have many tweaks but those it does have are worth a look. Includes AirBlue Sharing and AirBlue GPS.

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