ToySync steps


Pinoy Techie
  1. download Toysync here
  2. install to all clients/pc.
  3. choose favorite pc where you want to be patched first, it should be your permanent patcher pc. put game folder to C:User\Public\Downloads\games . (ex PC server) it must be undeepfreeze and should be open for public sharing
  4. go to other pc and open Synctoy
  5. .you will see LEFT and RIGHT folder.
  6. click Left folder. ( that’s your Patcher pc, you’ve patched the games earlier.)
  7. On Left Folder, locate now the game u want to synchronize.
  8. ex (Network\PC patcher\ C:User\Public\Downloads\games
  9. click on Right Folder, that's your pc where you want to synchronize (locate the game, any directory.)
  10. click run. takes 2-3mins to synchronize.
  11. Done patching proceed to other pc and do the same step 4-9.

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