TUT How to Repartition Internal To 2.5GB on Lenovo A328


Pinoy Techie

1. Rooted CP
2. TWRP v2.8.7.0 New Released
3. Repartition.zip
4. Restore Partition.zip


1. Go to TWRP.
2. Make a full backup of your rom.
3. If the Backup is saved on the internal, you must copy it to your SD Card first.
4. Wipe data/reset.
5. Go to mounts check all.
6. Go back install zip from sd card.
7. Install “Repartition.zip”.
8. Once done, Off your phone it will display “No Os Installed” that’s ok.
9. Go to manual TWRP, Pow button wait to vibrate then Hold Vol Up & Vol Down.
10. Go to Wipe/Advance/Wipe Data, System, Cache & Dalvic.
11. Go back to Mounts/Mount or Check Data, System, Cache & Dalvic.
12. Go To Restore/Choose Partition/Choose SD Card because your backup is there.
13. Reboot, Enjoy your 2GB Phone Mem. & 2.5GB Internal. ;)

Note: If you want to return to your default partition, Flash the “Restore Partition” instead of “repartition” just same procedure.

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