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Pinoy Techie
a couple months ago Linux Mint made a mistake.
A Level 1 ("tested and proven") update broke LMDE Mate.
It has still not been repaired (July 18, 2017).

I have found SolydX with Mate Desktop as a good replacement.
The following works with SolydX-8 (Jessie) and with SolydX-9 (stretch)
It may also work with the KDE versions, but I have not tried that.

download ISO from https://solydxk.com/downloads/solydx/download-solydx/
you can do either a direct download or by torrent (recommended)

burn ISO to USB

boot with SolydX-9 USB

run Gparted: create and label partitions as desired:
I prefer swap, SolydX9.root, SolydX9.home
(your labels will not be removed by the installer!)

connect to the internet and run SolydX installer

shutdown and start Solyd

update with "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"

to install Mate: in a terminal run "sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment-extras"

login with Mate

*shutdown and restart system.

extras (System>Administration>Synaptic Package Installer)
select Edit>Mark Packages by Task.
click on both Mate and Xfce
click on apply
this gives you some "extras" that you may like and need

recommended: (System>Preferences>Personal>Preferred Applications)
if you do Not do this you will get a mix of apps, and that can be quite confusing.

optional: (System>Administration>Welcome)
SolydX "welcome" has a package installer has batches of apps and Codecs:
add additional packages as desired

optional: (Applications>System Tools> dconf Editor)
remove icons from desktop (org-mate-caja-desktop)

optional: (System>Preferences>Look and Feel>Main Menu)
uncheck items to remove cruft/redundant apps you don't want to see.
(this only edits the Mate Menus, it does Not remove the apps)

optional: change Mate Terminal background color to white on black

inventory: run "inxi -Fzxr" and save the output is desired

=== revision
***Xfce power manager sets a screen saver lock requiring password, and so does Mate.
Both need to be disabled if that is your desire.

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