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To get Digital TV channels on your Digital TV Box, follow these simple steps:
  1. Press the 'Menu' on your remote control.
  2. Choose 'Settings'.
  3. Under 'Installation', select 'Auto Search' or 'Auto Scan', and wait for the scanning process to complete.
For remote controls with 'SCAN' button, follow these steps:
  1. Press 'Scan'.
  2. If a message like this occurs, "Would you like to scan now?, just press 'YES' then 'OK'.
  3. Wait for the scanning process to complete, then press 'OK'.

Frequency: 647.143MHz (Very Good Signal)
  • ABS-CBN Sports+Action
  • CINEMO! (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
  • YEY! (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
  • Knowledge Channels (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
  • DZMM Teleradyo (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
  • KBO (PPV) (Encrypted) Only available on TVplus
  • ABS-CBN Oneseg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 485.143MHz (Very Good Signal)
  • ABS-CBN TVplus Encrypted Channels: Asianovela Channel, Movie Central, Jeepney TV, Myx and O Shopping
  • PROGRAM 001
  • PROGRAM 002
  • PROGRAM 003
  • PROGRAM 004
  • PROGRAM 005
  • PROGRAM 007 ONESEG (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 641.143MHz (Low Signal)
  • PTV SD1 (PTV Main Channel)
  • PTV SD2 (Presidential Communications Operations Office - PCOO Channel)
  • PTV SD3 (Salaam TV)
  • PTV 1seg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 695.143MHz (Good Signal)
  • TV5
  • TV5 1SEG (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 551.143MHz (Very Good Signal)
  • GMA
  • GNTV (GMA News TV)
  • GMA 1SEG (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 503.143MHz (Good Signal)
  • CNN Philippines HD
  • CNN Philippines SD
  • 1CNNph (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 545.143MHz (Good Signal)
  • IBC 13
  • Test Channel
  • IBC 13 oneseg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 521.143MHz (Very Good Signal)
  • ETC
  • JackTV (Encrypted) Only available on EasyTV
  • Solar Sports (Encrypted) Only available on EasyTV
  • MTVph (Encrypted) Only available on EasyTV
  • Gone Viral (Encrypted) Only available on EasyTV
  • Zee Sine (Encrypted) Only available on EasyTV
  • Outdoor (Encrypted) Only available on EasyTV
  • Shop TV

Frequency: 569.143MHz (Very Good Signal)
  • Solar Exclusive Channels on Easy TV:
  • Zoo Moo
  • Aniplus
  • K Plus
  • History
  • Basketball TV
  • NBA Premium TV
  • Boo

Frequency: 581.143MHz (Good Signal)
  • ShopTV on BEAM
  • OShopping on BEAM
  • TVShop on BEAM
  • Daystar TV on BEAM
  • Pilipinas HD on BEAM
  • LifeTV on BEAM
  • eGG on BEAM
  • Inquirer 990 on BEAM
  • BEAM 1Seg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 617.143MHz (Good Signal)
  • UNTV-1
  • STV
  • UnknownChl001
  • UNTV 1SEG (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 653.143 (Good Signal)
  • Hope Phil HD
  • 3ABN
  • Hope Intl
  • GNN

Frequency: 683.143MHz (Low Signal)
  • NET25 SD

Frequency: 587.143 (Very Good Signal)
  • Light Network HD
  • Light Network SD1
  • Light Network SD2
  • Light Network 1seg (for mobile 1seg built-in tuners)

Frequency: 629.143MHz (Low Signal)
  • (7AM to 12MN)
  • SNC
  • SMNI SD 2
  • (12MN to 7AM)
  • SNC HD
  • SNC SD

Provincial Areas

  • *ABS-CBN - Central Luzon Frequency: 533.143MHz
  • *ABS-CBN - Northern Luzon Frequency: 587.143MHz
  • *ABS-CBN - Tarlac City Frequency: 599.143MHz
  • *ABS-CBN - Calabarzon Frequency: 677.143MHz
  • *ABS-CBN - Iloilo, Guimaras, Negros Occidental and Bacolod City Frequency: 611.143MHz
  • *ABS-CBN - Cebu Frequency: 611.143MHz
  • *ABS-CBN - Davao City Frequency: 521.143MHz
  • *ABS-CBN - Cagayan De Oro Frequency: 533.143MHz
  • *GMA - Northern Luzon Frequency: 617.143 MHz
  • *GMA - Visayas, Metro Cebu Frequency: 545.143 MHz
  • *GMA - Mindanao, Metro Davao Frequency: 611.143 MHz
  • *BEAM Baguio City - 551.143MHz
  • *BEAM Cebu - 581.143MHz (ongoing Test Broadcast)
  • *New Channel Unknown Cebu - 605.143MHz (ongoing Test Broadcast)
  • *DZRH News TV Cebu - 647.143MHz (ongoing Test Broadcast)
  • *SMNI Davao City - 503.143MHz (ongoing Test Broadcast)
  • *BEAM Davao City - 581.143MHz (ongoing Test Broadcast)
  • *Emedia Mo Zamboanga City - 629.143MHz (ongoing Test Broadcast)

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