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The Philippines has recently blocked access to pornographic websites like Pornhub and xvideos this may the result of the country ranking 14th among the top countries that visit Pornhub last 2016.


Well, don't worry there is a way to circumvent or bypass this restricts. Below are the ways how to do so.

VPN or Virtual Private Network
No many are aware but in order to unlock the full internet and its region blocking you can use VPN its very easy to use select the unblocked region and that's it you are now able to access region-blocked websites on either mobile or desktop. The challenge though is internet speed as this will definitely slow you internet speed depending on which server region you connect.

Another thing to note is privacy companies and governments like to track what you've been browsing some VPN providers do not offer log so in case the government request for internet history you are completely covered. This secures your entire internet connectivity beware of DNS leaks though.

There are a lot of free VPN like Opera VPN they have desktop and mobile version, hotspot shield, and more.

Use Proxy
Another similar method is by using proxy this secures a specific client or protocol you use to browse the internet say you have a browser you can set a proxy this will then secure browsing for the browser if you use another software that requires internet it won't secure it though so make sure proxy is set the application you are using.

A proxy works by relaying packets from a destination or hub this then acts as the middleman for data so internet speed will take a hit. If you use speed test on a device with proxy you will notice increased speed occasionally although this isn't really the case since its the hub that's accessing the speed test and not your actual isp.

You can check the collection of internet tools and tricks by other Filipinos.

HTTP Injector
This is a hybrid Proxy where it can access blocked sites by using a custom header through proxy and ssh tunneling. Unlike proxy this will work on most software although you are at the mercy of the ssh account you are using since it won't be free.

Visit here for more Philippines internet tips and tricks
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May it be pornography this is not good internet should be free, this is just the start they will next block propaganda against them making Philippines a communist like China. If they are really blocking child related stuff why not directly block the url instead of the whole domain it doesn't make sense.
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