Unlock Code ZTE Pocket Wifi

Michaela Baldos

Pinoy Techie
Tutorial Show Unlock Code ZTE Pocket Wifi, this only compatible with the following ZTE pocket wifi model:
  • MF65M
  • MF65+
  • MF63
  • MF93D
  • MF910L
  • Pocket Wifi
  • Desktop or Laptop
  • USB Cable
  • TM/Globe Sim Card
  • Chrome Browser (installed)
  • Web Developer Tools (installed)
  • 16Digit Unlock Code
  1. Insert TM/Globe or Vice Versa Sim Card to your Pocket Wifi then power on.
  2. Connect to your ZTE Device via usb cable to desktop or laptop.
  3. Log in to or to Chrome browser (password: smartbro)
  4. Now, Go to Settings, Network setting, APN
  5. Right Click, Select Inspect Elements
  6. Press control+F then find keyword Unlock
  7. To Reveal unlock dialog box, simply delete 3 "display:none;" ( see picture below )

  8. Enter 16 digit unlock code... press ok Done! ( see picture below )
If you like it or have another model let me know in the comments

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