It has been a while since I made a post regarding these matter, so I'll make a long and meaningful one. LONG POST AHEAD, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! If you want to

"Nowhere is safe"

Pagdating sa digital file security, totoo na walang ligtas. Kahit saan. Even top secret intel can be infiltrated thoroughly (syempre not by anyone). Kung gaano kabilis ang advancement ng technology nowadays, ganoon din ang pag-advance ng "threats" digitally. Some may classify it according to how severe they are, but nevertheless, lahat sila ay harmful.

So kung akala mo safe ang files mo from any virus dahil meron kang physical backup, HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHA WRONG! Pero heto ang ilan sa mga means of backup:

1. Physical backup - hard drive numba wan. Do not use flash drives, lalo na kung isasaksak mo 'yan sa kung saan-saan, lalo na sa pagpapaprint ng thesis.
2. Cloud storage - effective and mobile backup. Pwede mo iaccess anywhere, online, kahit na limited lang ang available storage size nila. Dropbox, google drive, etc.

But as what I've stated, nowhere is safe. But I have the best antivirus/antimalware/antibacteria na pupwede mong makuha. Ready ka na?

The best file security measure is:


1. Awareness - recognize the threat. Be aware of all the danger that may infiltrate your files. Most of then are malware, virus, ransomware or file encryptions, etc. I won't discuss those here, but it is your role to be aware of those. Also, be mindful of the current condition of your storages. Run an antivirus scan on those periodically. If you have multiple storages, recognize which among those is/are infected.

2. Discipline - it all drains down on how you use your files and file storages. Kung suki ka ng (link not updated) para sa installer at files, 'wag kang magtaka kung isa sa mga madadownload mo ay may kasamang malware, or worse, mabiktima ka ng file encryption. Also, be aware of what you click on, lalo na iyong mga "download" buttons na kung saan-saan naglipana. Suma total, 'wag saksak nang saksak ng files kung saan-saan, at 'wag download nang download ng files kung saan-saan, lalo na gamit ang torrent.

3. Isolation - still the truth hurts, that nowhere is safe. Pero, pwedeng pwede mo ilayo ang mga files mo. Ganito, lahat ng personal files mo, ilagay mo sa isang storage device na hindi mo frequent na ginagamit. Make a routine na iaaccess mo lang s'ya once a week, or once a month. Also, i-access mo sya on a separate PC na hindi rin ginagamit nang madalas. Isolation works the other way as well: kung mayroon kang storage na narecognize mong infected (especially with shortcut virus), keep it away from your device, and from your other storages. A ROTTEN TOMATO, WHEN PLACED ON A BASKET OF FRESH ONES, ROTS THEM ALL. (I can make a separate tutorial on how to effectively eliminate those).

Iyong tatlong 'yon, pwede mo sila pagbalibaliktarin, dagdagan, pero hindi mo pwedeng bawasan. File loss can dealt a huge company a massive blow. It may cost you your thesis, as well. Meaning, hindi lang pang huge scale ito. Applicable s'ya for all. This is intend for general knowledge, so if there aren't much technical stuff, we can discuss it on a separate post

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