VPN AntiDPI and Tunneling


Pinoy Techie
Restructures payload and header of your traffic making it almost impossible to
detect or get any idea about your traffic ; thus gives you ultimate privacy protection and full blown internet speed.
  1. Provide you ultimate online privacy protection which other VPNs fail to provide.
  2. Increase your Internet Speed
  3. Save bandwidth by compressing data.
  4. Wi-Fi Hotspot Security.
  5. VPN Protocol Selection and Port selection available which makes it a robust VPN proxy tool.
  6. No speed limitation.
  7. Protect your device by acting as a virtual Firewall.
  8. No ROOT required (Except ICMP VPN )
  9. Very Easy to use VPN.
  10. Mask your IP address and identity using VPN server IP.
  11. Daily Free ultimate privacy protection on your 100 MB Data.
  12. Supports TCP UDP ICMP VPN
  13. VPN Server locations in over 15 countries.
  14. All Servers are deployed in 1 Gbps network.
  15. A simple and easy to use VPN for your phone and tablet.
  16. No registration required.

How to use this VPN Tunnel Client
  1. Use - UDP - Rport= 500 Lport=0 .
  2. ROOT required for using ICMP protocol
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