Ways to fix lag on Asus Zenfone Max


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In regards to this phone slow performance issue, it might be caused by Android OS conflict. Therefore, I highly suggest you follow some instructions are listed below to troubleshoot your issue completely:

1. Clear cache at Settings → Storage & USB → Internal Storage → press on Cached data to clear → OK

2. Boost your RAM Memory after playing game or perform any action: Close all app in recent app windows → Swipe down the quick settings → press Power & Boosts toggle. Please do this action often to ensure your phone RAM is free and smoothly productive.

3. Update your phone to latest firmware at Settings → About → System update → Check update.

4. If it only happens when you execute some specific applications, please try to update, reinstall or to uninstall the app.

5. Access Safe Mode by long pressing power key > tapping and holding Power Off > tapping OK. If your phone works well in Safe Mode, there may be some 3rd apps that cause malfunction. Please reboot your phone and check again if it works well.

6. Wipe partition caches as the instruction in the document I have attached to this email and check again. (Wiping partition caches does not wipe your data).

7. Perform factory data reset (please double clicks to hyperlinks in blue to get the details instructions). Please remember:

Back up your data carefully
Plug in the charger up to 75% before proceed.
Do NOT touch or power off your device until it is successfully recovered.
In case factory reset cannot help to resolve the problem, and you wish to downgrade your device, please be informed that downgrade (Android Marshmallow to Android Lollipop) is a process which contains many risks and it might brick your phone unexpectedly. Therefore, we do not recommend you to take this action by yourself. Instead, please kindly visit our ASUS Service Centre then our agents will help you to downgrade safely.

Note: Please remember bring along the purchase invoice or the warranty card for the best convenience. You should backup all the data in your device first before sending to us to avoid the risk of data loss.

To get our further support, please kindly visit us by clicking on this link: http://www.asus.com/ph/support/Service-Center/Philippines

1. Choose your product category;
2. Fill in your current location;
3. Click Search;

We look forward to helping you with your concern soon!

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to let
us know. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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