What’s so significant about Apple’s W1/W2/H1 chip in Apple products?


Pinoy Techie
1. Pairing!! It’s amazing how ridiculously easy pairing has become with the new chips by Apple.

Pair one time with one device and all of the Apple products are paired from the iCloud which is signed on to the account.

2. Power management. Devices can go so much longer without being charged thanks to these chips.
a. Beats Solo 3: 40 hours without re-charging.

b. Beats Studio 3: 22 hours without re-charging.

c. Powerbeats Pro: 9 hours without re-charging.

3. Distance and range has improved considerably because of these chips.

4. The H1 chip handles audio quality differently than the W1 or W2 chips.

So many great things these little chips are doing to make a great experience happen with our audio products.
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