Why Windows 10 Is a Bully With Tiny Little Hands


Pinoy Techie
Windows 10 has me so frustrated! Why is Microsoft hell-bent on "forcing" its users to go along with this severe and for many users wrong paradigm shift. Those who still remember, "Coca~Cola 1985" will understand me liking 'Windows 10' to 'New Coke'.

This "New Coke" of the modern internet era ain't working. I mean is Windows 10 even an Operating System anymore as it claims to be or is it just an enforced "Online Service"? An Online Service designed to raise maximum revenue with clicks.

Cortana for example. An evolving OS with a built in Talking Assistant is all well & good but by Microsoft's pairing of Cortana with Edge and Bing it's took away our independence & denied any choice. Microsoft will say this formulae guarantee us a "personalized, end-to-end search experience because they have full control over how these services handle search requests". I would call that fancy marketing jargon and the real life downside to this is Microsoft is bombarding us with Ads, Custom Offers & Services that we don't want nor need. They call it a bespoke built in service tailored to the individual customer needs. Cortana runs the web browser Edge as the default which in turn runs a default Bing. The truth is running the three products together creates revenue in the Microsoft Cloud, "Software As A Service" (SaaS) Economy, where every click inside Bing counts. Counts for whose benefit?

That's part of the buisness model that makes Windows 10 profitable, ikt doest do the user any good. It certainly doest put any money in our pockets. Who uses BING anyway? In what world is Bing your go-to Search Engine! When would you ever choose Bing over Google to search for anything. Never, but that's exactly what Windows 10 makes you do. What about choice & ease of use in Windows10?

The good news is that it's possible to still run Cortana without giving in to Microsoft pressure to use its new browser Microsoft Edge & there's a array of good reasons why you should stick to your preferred browser of choice (Chrome, Mozilla & Firefox) and not run the default. Microsoft may claim that Edge runs umpteen times faster to industry standards but what does that even mean. 1/4 of a second compared to 1/16th of a sec is it noticable. Chrome, admittedly may be heavy on resources but with modern PC RAM is that even an issue anymore. As long as its http & especially https secure & with available Browser Extensions available (Edge is seriously lacking here) I think you should stay with your current browser that probably has 10+ years of personalized data aka it knows you & yur prefrences. I don't have anything against Microsoft Edge per say. As a browser it has its positives, its really fast and is perfectly acceptable as a standalone Web Browser, especially when used in Tablet Form.

Pleasant even but with Microsoft FORCING us to use it and even going to the absurdity of presenting Chrome & Firefox as potential risks when you type them into Cortana's search box, that is just despicable. As for the Edge browser then forcing us to BING our information, well no further comment even required there. Bing really!

The enforced nature of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 feels almost like bullying. Bullying because it can get away with & it only because of its wealth. An unearned wealth at that. Bullying not down to any technical advantage/prowess & certainly not coz of its size but Donald Trump like Ugly Wealth type bullying! Microsoft Edge is a Web Browser with "Tiny Little Hands" but good news is we don't have to use it. Not even with Cortana is it compulsory despite itself. The easiest alternative is to simply Google, "Force Cortana to use Chrome" follow the instructions & reset your defaults then make it answer to you and your choice of default not theirs.

No need to see BING, no need to enrich Microsoft with obligatory clicks. Obligatory but not compulsory. The Windows 10 user experience gets much better after the defaults have been altered to meet your needs instead of Bill Gates needs aka "Software As A Service" (SaaS).

With no more Windows updates & with all previous versions of Widows XP — 9 directing you to upgrade or upgrading automatically for you to Windows 10 there's not a lot of choice left for us. We can ditch Microsoft altogether in favor of a Linux OS. Linux Ubuntu 18.4 is on trend right now. It may be an extreme answer to Microsoft's monopoly but more and more people are trying it out and its free. Myself I have it as an alternative stored on a bootable USB stick. I've not quite yet braved the full leap of portioning my hard drive as of yet but it's a real possibility if Microsoft stay on this Apple like model of almost closed system focusing on doing everything for us.

As more and more Microsoft users are buying PCs & Laptops with Lynux Ubuntu preinstalled as the standalone Operating System. Microsoft will remain the defacto industry standard with Apple taking 2nd spot for the foreseeable but Linux is making ground as a free and full alternative with support until 2023 guaranteed. Ubuntu 18.04 has been released on 26th April 2018 with a support of 5 years. Free installation and 5 Years of support now that's attractive to the Microsoft user who wants full control of his/her system back. A Dual Boot with Windows 10 for now and if I find it to be as good as linux users promise me my next Laptop/PC may just be Microsoft free.

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