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Note: here we are not going to make a boootable drive but we will use a simplier method and that is mounting the iso file.But I will tell you that too.

• paste the iso file on any drive except the drive in which your current operating system is installed.
• when pasted, right click the iso file and choose the option to mount it (only available in versions above win.8).
• your iso file will be represented as a drive.
• now open the application "Setup".
• the application will open and will start checking your pc if win. 10 could be installed.
• now it will show you that windows is ready to install and the option will be chosen by default that – (a) your apps (softwares) and your personal files will not be affected.
• however you can change it to – (b) keep personal files only or – (c) keep nothing (everything will be deleted including your personal files).
• after choosing the option, which ever you've choosen click on install button.
• done yur win. Will be installed in 30 min or less.

Now I will tell you how to install win. Using a bootable drive.

• you will need an iso file, rufus and an 8 gb usb (recommended).
• open the software rufus.
• rufus will automatically detect the connected usb drive.
• now click on the drop-down botton and choose the option iso file after this browse for the iso file.
• you don't have to change the default settings.
• click on the button 'start'.
• your bootable drive will be made in 30-40 min. (may take longer)
• once created close the application and eject you drive.
• now shut down your pc and remove the usb.
• plug it again while your pc is switched off.
• now power on your pc and press the botton "F12" or "F8" you will see these written as "Press f12 to open boot options" or "Press f8 to open boot options" different keys are used in different pcs.
• after this you will see a dialogue box.
• from the options mentioned choose the option to boot from a bootable usb.

now install the windows!!!

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