Windows 10 Installation using USB Flash drive

Windows 10 installation using USB
  1. Download latest version of Rufus , this is the utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB , memory sticks, etc.

2. Run Rufus and follow the following settings
  • Device : select your USB flash drive.
  • Boot Selection : Select the location of your ISO windows 10 installer.
  • Partition scheme : If you are using legacy bios select MBR, if you are using UEFI bios or you have for than 2TB bootable drive.
  • File system : set to NTFS.
  • Cluster size : 4096 bytes (Defaults) then click START. Wait until it finish.

3. Turn on the computer that you wish to install the windows 10, press F12 for BOOT MENU and select your USB flash drive and wait to Windows Setup appear.


4. Click Next and click Install.


5. Check “I accept the license terms” and click Next.

6. Select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)

7. Select your hard drive, click New. If you want to partition your hard drive adjust Size base on your desire capacity, click Apply and click Format and Next.


8. Installing Windows start, just wait to finish. Click Finish when done.


9. Click Restart now

10. Select your region and click

11. In Is this the right keyboard layout display windows select US and click Next

12. Under How would you like to set up? . If for personal use select “Setup for personal use” else select “Set up for an organization then click Next

13. At Sign in with Microsoft sign in your Microsoft account. In case you do not have Microsoft account choose to Create account or choose Skip

14. Type your desire username and click Next

15. Enter you desire Password and re type your password at Confirm you password windows.

16. Add your Hint for you Password, something will trigger that you will remember you password and click Next, Password hint can’t contain your password.

17. Choose privacy setting for your device, you can select what ever you want. I choose the following setting.

  • Location = Off
  • Diagnostics = Full , you will be needing this in case you have problem on your computer.
  • Relevant Ads = Off
  • Speech recognition = Off
  • Tailored experiences with diagnostic data = On
then click Next


18. Just wait to finalize the setting, it may take some time to finish.

Once the windows open , your done ….

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