Windows 10 on ARM


Pinoy Techie
Lately Microsoft showcased windows 10 running on ARM, so what does it mean. First off ARM is a mobile processor the difference is ARM processors use lower voltage and bundled with other chip sets like gpu, cellular and radio. Downside is it cannot compete with its desktop counterpart in raw cpu performance but will be able to run basic tasks such as web browsing, multimedia or even some gaming.

This is done with series of emulation hopefully performance wont be affected that much means this is not native, additionally notice that windows 10 dont have a mobile mode as they currently have desktop and tablet mode this might opt Microsoft to create additional view.


Downside? since the its not natively created for ARM and its more emulated performance might be affected so applications might not are run as fast. There are also lesser apps on Windows 10, but that potential for this is big as Microsoft is blurring the line from mobile and desktop.


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