Windows Server 2012 : Install Photo viewer / Enable Desktop Experience

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 : Enable Desktop Experience
  • Is a feature that allows admins to install various Windows 7 features running on Windows Server operating System.
Installing this features will have the following effects;

  • Windows Media Player
  • Snipping tool
  • Photo viewer
  • At startup, the start screen will appear instead of the classic desktop
  • Disk Cleanup
Follow this procedure to install

1. Open Server Manager and click Add roles and features


2. At the Before you begin windows click Next.


3. At the Select installation type by default Role based or feature based installation just click Next


4. at Select destination server, we will install the Desktop Experiencefeature on the local server which is also selected by default just click Next


5. At the server roles windows will skip this by clicking Next


6.At the Select Features page, expand User and infrastructure and check the Desktop Experience checkbox. And will ask you to install some other required feature to run the Desktop Experience, just click Add Features to proceed. Then click Next.


7. At the Confirm installation selections, you can manually restart your PC after the installation or check the checkbox Restart the destination server automatically if required.


8. Wait while installation is on process. Your system will be automatically restart if you click the checkbox for automatically restart once the installation is finish. Otherwise you can close the wizard and restart the server manually.


9. Wait while your server finishes the installation click Close and restart.

10. After logging in, the Start screen will appear with the new application installed, and your done.

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