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Xiaomi Basic Guide and Troubleshooting

When buying:
  1. Always look for sellers first, they know what they sell...
  2. Ask them everything about the item that you are inquiring from them.
  3. Close the deal, if you are satisfied. If not, be mature enough and tell your seller outright

P.S.: After sales concerns is always best dealt with the seller. Your fellow Mi Max users here can only suggest their opinions

READ: Not all phones of the same model are equal in all aspects, aside from aesthetics. Why? Manufacturing and different factors of errors in between

Example: Mr. X's mi max 3gb/64gb may perform better than Mr. Y's mi max 3gb/64gb and this applies to all things made by man

How to remove/disable bloatware:

Go to Play Store -- Help & feedback -- Browse all articles -- Delete or disable apps on Android -- Tap to go to Application Settings... and remove the app (bloatware) you want.

note: internet connection is required

TAMPERED ROM? No worries
*You don't need an unlocked phone.

China VS Global (Dev VS Stable)

China rom - may mga chinese apps and text, supported din englisg language pero meron paring chinese text at chinese apps, wlang play store pero pwede namn installan, mas nauuna sa mga updates dahil obvious nmn, chinese company ang xiaomi so malamang una sila bago iba.. kung nakakaintindi ka ng chinese at di ka nabobothered sa extra na apps sa china rom ok ung china rom.

Global Beta rom/ Dev rom - support almost all language, madalas din makatanggap ng update, ito ung sunod na nakakatanggap ng update bago marelease sa Global Stable Rom, downside, sila din unang nakakasalo ng mga bugs sa rom pero wla pa nmn malalang bugs or issues sa miui updates so far maliban sa LTE issue na nakalusot hanggang sa global stable rom.

Global Stable rom - gaya nga sinasabi ng name, stable, it means stable version na, huling nakakatanggap ng update, like once a month, sinisigurado muna kc na wla or less bugs na ung update na matatanggap ng global stable.. Gaya ng beta/dev rom supported halos lahat ng language.. kaya global ung rom.

Calibrate your phone once a month, How to Calibrate?
  • Drain your battery until 5%
  • Off mo phone mo tapos icharge mo wait mo ma full.
  • Kapag full ng battery mo 100% i-on mo lang at wag mo gamitin ng 30minutes.
  • Pagkatapos ng 30minutes na dimo ginamit. Icharge mo ulit siya ng 30minutes. Then okay na yan observe mo nalang.
OnePlus Camera with modded watermark for XIAOMI units

  • Android Nougat 7.0 and up only
  • NO ROOT needed
  • XIAOMI device_name
  • subtitle is user customizable
Link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-4/themes/root-oneplus-camera-watermark-logo-t3713139

Note: Check link for watermarked devices.

How to enable watermark:
  • Open app
  • Swipe from the bottom
  • Tap the settings/gear icon from the upper right side
  • Tap Shot on Watermark Settings
  • Enable watermark
  • Optional: Enable name then put any text on the space below
  • Now you have a camera app than generates watermarks automatically!
How to Bind Mi Account

  1. Data/Wifi Connection
  2. Vpn
  3. Mi acct (Granted na before ....for unlocking)
  4. or ung ngamit na for unlocking , if wla kindly request sa http://en.miui.com/unlock/)
Steps pra sa meron ng MI Acct na Granted permission for unlocking
  1. Download PLEXVPN thru Playstore then login
  2. Select Shenzen China server
  3. Go to Settings>Additional Settings> Develoepr Options > Tap Mi Unlock Status > Then tap Add account and Device (Kelangan May Data or Wifi connection) and antayin lumabas ung Added Successfully . MI Account is Assoiciated with this device now .
  4. Tap it 3 times pra sure na pasok ung pagka bind . .
Fastest way to stock flash your Mi Max (no PC) - http://en.miui.com/a-232.html

Risks of Unlocking
  1. By unlocking the device you agree that this may bring changes to some parts of the system. These changes may damage the device;
  2. After the device is unlocked, it becomes less secure and more vulnerable to malware attacks, which may lead to the disclosure and loss of your private data;
  3. Some features which require high security level (e.g., Find device, added-value services, etc.) will no longer be available;
  4. After the device is unlocked, some features will be changed. Thus, you might no longer be able to receive regular updates and enjoy newest features of MIUI;
The risks stated above do not fully cover changes which may be brought about by Mi Unlock. Please think twice if you are not familiar with ROM flashing.

Sim contacts nowhere in sight?
go to settings/contacts/long press left side menu/ tap display pref and tap show sim contacts.

Toggle your keyboard settings
Go to Settings - Additional settings - Language and Input - choose kb then toggle.

Your phone not updating?
Tampered rom or delayed update.

What to do?
Wait for the update notification, if its just delayed. If its a tampered rom, update manually thru www.en.miui.com or else no updates would occur on your phone.

Tampered rom?
Check your Settings then About, if your miui version has 5 digits separated by dots, you have a tampered rom (no updates forever), which means you may have to go to www.en.miui.com for official roms.

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