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Official or Custom Stock ROM/Custom ROM/TWRP/Root/Xposed for LOCKED Bootloader and UNLOCKED Bootloader with PROOF

Note: I recommend this method instead of the Recovery Update where you download the Official Rom, rename it to update.zip and flash it via System Updater. Using the System Updater method sometimes gives you bugs and issues even after you Factory Reset it via “Backup and Restore” in Settings.
And YES this is working for LOCKED Bootloader screenshot below:


Locked Bootloader

TWRP 3.0.2-0 for Mi Max Helium with Locked Bootloader

SuperSU Granting Root Checker

Root Checker says Rooted

This tutorial is for people who are having a hardtime on their Phone that has a Tampered Rom in it or people who are already tired of their Rom like Custom or Official Rom.


  1. Extract that files somewhere you can easily get access it like Desktop or Local C
    1. For Windows 8 and above: Before installing the drivers, you MUST Disable the Driver Signature. To do this:
      1. Just Hold SHIFT Key then Reboot your device.
      2. A Skyblue screen will show up before it restart your device. Click Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > then Restart.
      3. After rebooting, Choose Number 7 so it will disable the Driver Singature. Wait for you OS to load up.
      4. Now install the MIUI Drivers and the MiFlashBeta then just Continue if there’s a Red Pop-up
    2. For Windows XP, 7 and Vista:
      1. Install the MIUI Drivers and the MiFlashBeta then just Continue if there’s a Red Pop-up.
  2. Once the rom has finished downloading . Extract it using 7zip, if you see 1 file, extract that file again using 7zip until you see a Folder with a lots of file.
  3. Now backup your device like photos, contacts, etc. because this will wipe your device.
  4. Power off your device and we will put it into EDL Mode.
  5. Prepare your USB to plug it on your phone. Wait for your device to fully shut down.
  6. Hold Volume Up+Volume Down, plug the USB and Hold the Power Button simultanously. Wait for your Computer to recognized and installws the drivers.
    1. For Locked Bootloader with TWRP and flashing the Official ROM v8.1 and below or to those who are flashing Developer/Beta ROM v6.12.22 and below
      1. Download this old “emmc_appsboot.mbn” you will need it later
    2. For Developer/Beta ROM from MIUI 7.1.5 above and Stable ROM 8.2 and above.
      1. For Dev ROM - No need to delete “emmc_appsboot.mbn” because this was already removed.
      2. For Stable ROM - No need to delete “emmc_appsboot.mbn” as long as you flash TWRP 3.0.2-0 and above
  7. Open the MiFlashBeta, click Browse.. Look for the ROM Folder. let say your rom folder is helium_global_version_blah_blah_blah. Click that folder and press OK. (e.g. C:\helium_global_version_blah_blah_blah\) Click the Refresh button and it will recognized your device. Click the Clear All user on the Lower Right. Then start Flashing.
  8. Wait for it and it will be Finish.
  9. Then reboot your device by holding the power button
    1. For Locked Bootloader with TWRP and flashed the Official ROM v8.1 and below or to those who have flashed Developer/Beta ROM v6.12.22 and below
      1. You must flash the old “emmc_appsboot.mbn”. Same procedure as Step 2-9

Flashing TWRP
Requirements: Choose your Device Model

  1. If there’s an update to TWRP (latest for now is 3.0.2-0 for Helium and 3.0.3-0 for Hydrogen) and you want to update it. Follow this steps:
    1. You must have the latest TWRP “img” downloadable on their official website, and you must have the “Flashable <your model> TWRP”.
    2. First, go to the folder where the TWRP is located then, press the ALT key on your keyboard. Go to Tools then Folder Options, look for “Hide extensions for known file types” and untick it.
    3. Next you will see the twrp file name will have an extension called “.img”. Rename the file name to “recovery.img” without the quotation.
    4. Copy/Cut the recovery.img
    5. Extract the Flashable TWRP zip anywhere and go to /images folder.
    6. Paste the recovery.img there replacing the older one.
    7. And you will have the latest TWRP Flashable.
  2. Follow all the steps above, for step 7 instead of the ROM, you will flash the TWRP.
  3. Next you need to boot up to Recovery, to do this, Hold Volume Up then Press Power Button, once it vibrate, wait for the Mi Logo to show up then let go the Power Button.
  4. You will now boot up in TWRP. Some phone will ask you a password so just ignore that and press cancel
  5. Slide the slider to allow any modifications.
  6. Now, if you’re planning to flash a Custom/Unofficial Rom, you can transfer your ROM now by accessing your Mi Max on your Desktop.
  7. To have the fully functional TWRP, you need to format your data and reboot your device to TWRP so that the encryption will be remove. Remember this will wipe your data.

Rooting your Mi Max


  1. Boot on your TWRP, if you don’t have TWRP, follow the steps above.
  2. Transfer SuperSu zip file to your SDCard or Internal SD
  3. Go to Install and look for SuperSU, then Flash it.
  4. Wipe your Cache and Dalvik Cache
  5. Reboot your device and wait for it. Booting might take awhile from 5-10mins

Flashing Custom/Unofficial ROM

  • Must have TWRP Recovery
  • Your Custom/Unofficial ROM (make sure to choose your Model)

  • Boot on your TWRP, if you don’t have TWRP, follow the steps above.
  • Transfer your Custom/Unofficial ROM to your SDCard or Internal SD
  • Backup EFS Partition by going to Backup and choosing EFS. IMEI might get corrupt by flashing Custom Rom.
  • Choose Wipe and Wipe all except Internal and SDCard. If you want to wipe also the Internal or SDCard it is much better.
  • Go to Install and look for your ROM, then Flash it.
  • Reboot your device and wait for it. Booting might take awhile from 5-10mins

Xposed for Mi Max


  1. Download Xposed Material Design and install it.
  2. Open Xposed Installer, Go to Framework and go to MIUI
  3. Change it to the latest xposed framework sdk xx (where xx is the version. 22 is for 5.1.1, 23 is for 6.0.1, 24 is for 7.0, 25 is for 7.1 and so on.)
  4. Click install and update. Then just proceed. It will download the xposed framework and will reboot your phone to recovery to flash the xposed framework.

  • My phone got bricked, it display the Mi Logo and it disappear.
  • My rom is getting corrupted after flashing TWRP
  • Answer for 1 & 2: You have to flash the Old emmc_appsboot.mbn using MiFlash
  • If you want to update to the Latest Official ROM or to have TWRP on the Latest Official ROM, you have to flash the old “emmc_appsboot.mbn” after flashing Latest Official ROM and TWRP.

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