You want to remove a Linux OS and keep another?


Pinoy Techie
so you want to remove a Linux OS and keep another?

first boot to the distro you want to keep...
in a terminal do the following:

sudo grub-install /dev/sda
sudo update-grub

Now GRUB will list only the remaining distros and the one you are now using will be default

1. copy data from the distro you want to delete
2. using gparted delete the partition you want to get rid of
3. using gparted you can create new partitions in the free space for data etc.

If you want to expand or otherwise manipulate the partition for the default distro you can only do that from a live DVD/USB*.
1. insert live dvd or usb
2. boot from that disk
3. once in live environment, use gparted to make your changes

*Gparted can not manipulate Mounted partitions. if you dual/multi boot you can manipulate the partitions for the other OS you are not using at the moment. ... quicker and you don't have to hunt up a live medium

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