Zenfone Max 7HD ROM 8.0 by S3V3N


Pinoy Techie
7HD 8.0 is the first stable build of this Asus stock-based MM 6.0.1 custom ROM. It has several tweaks and performance features built in plus a Fake Bootloader which allows flashing directly from devices running Lollipop with TWRP.

Download the ROM here (1.33GB File size, as it is based on Asus stock): https://mega.nz/#!EQ1UkY4C!15wT6N4lfPlcNmLrsejavJ_0F9W8KAsJ90gBZ7u8Ls4
Alternate Download (this is the ROM I tested):
Save the file to your external SD card.
Reboot to TWRP.
Make a backup in TWRP before wiping/flashing. (Do not forget to set write path to external SD Card)
Do a clean wipe in Advanced Wipe (wipe cache, data, system, internal, dalvik cache).
Install the ROM.

Boot the phone and complete setting it up.
You now can install other Custom ROMs like CM13, CM14, etc.

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