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This document contains all known changes (including non-issues) not mentioned in the official release notes, reported issues and their corresponding fixes (if available) for the ZenFone5 Android 9 Pie update.

Main Changes
  • Volume buttons control media volume by default.
  • You can allow up to two devices to be connected at one time. No simultaneous playback, though.
  • When you have rotation locked in portrait, a new icon appears on the navigation bar when you turn your phone sideways that will quickly toggle to landscape, and vice-versa.
  • Charging sounds have been added.
  • If you keep dismissing the same notifications over and over, Android P will ask if you'd prefer to just have them be hidden.
  • Android introduced a new gesture-based navigation system, but it is not enabled by default. Enabling it requires you to manually toggle it in the navigation bar settings.
  • Pressing the power and volume up keys together triggers a command that enables the Vibrate or Mute modes.
  • Added a new Accessibility navigation button that provides a more accessible means of getting to specific gesture or multi-button operations like screenshot or Assistant.
  • The brightness slider moves in real time to reflect display brightness when set to Adaptive. It’s also powered by AI, and will adapt to your input.
  • 157 new emoji from the updated standard is now available on Android P.
  • "Alarms only, and "Priority only" are all gone, there's just one Do Not Disturb mode.
  • You can individually change or disable vibration for calls, notifications, and touch.
  • The Play Store already has its own restrictions in place, but devices running P won't allow older apps targeting Android 4.1 and earlier to run.
  • Bluetooth icon disappears from status bar when not in use.
  • Adaptive Battery brings machine learning-based power optimizations with per-app limits. Performance mode is also gone, since Adaptive Battery has taken over its purpose. AI Boost can be used instead.
  • With the redesigned app switcher, split screen is now triggered by a dedicated icon.
  • By default, replying to a notification no longer dismisses it.
  • The "Battery is low" notifications will tell you the approximate time it will last until (e.g., "12:00PM" rather than "45 minutes").
Under the hood changes
  • HDR VP9 and HEIF video and image formats are now supported.
  • New location system for more precise indoor positioning.
  • ART improvements—apps start faster using less memory.
  • New hardware acceleration for neural network operations.
  • Support for OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.1.
Known issues
  • If themes other than ZenUI is applied prior to upgrading to Android Pie, a red tint may be visible in the notification shade. Re-apply the theme to fix.
  • Gallery may detect 120FPS high-speed video as slow motion videos even if not recorded as such. No fix known as of now.
  • Android P may have modified permissions to certain apps; if one of your apps/games won’t run properly, suggest to re-apply all the needed permissions in their respective app info pages before attempting clear cache or data.
  • Some applications may not run at all; as mentioned prior certain apps that are still targeting older versions of Android will not be compatible with Android Pie.
  • WiFi quick settings expanded menu may not show the list of WiFi networks. According to comments on this thread, changing the wallpaper fixes the issue. Cause not yet identified, but may be related to the disabled Night Mode function.
  • If you are experiencing any audio-related issues, try to reset AudioWizard and other audio-related settings (i.e. mono toggle, outdoor mode, etc.)

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